• Tattoo Waste Disposal in Tooting

    Tattoo Waste Disposal

    Tattoo Waste Disposal

    Tattoo Waste Disposal

    We provide clinical waste collections services in Tooting - South West London and across the UK to a wide range of Tattooist from small to larger establishments and have developed service solutions and frequencies to meet your changing requirements.

    Tattooing and Body Piercing Guidance

    The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in collaboration have produced The Tattoo and Body Piercing Toolkit to promote safe working practices and consistency across the range of tattooing and body piercing practices. Part B of the tool kits includes infection control safe and includes the use and disposal of shapes and good waste management.

    Part B: Appendix 04 Safe use and disposal of sharps
    Part B: Appendix 07 Waste handling principles:

    Services in Tooting:

    • Clinical Bags
    • Internal Bins
    • Sharps Bin Collection and Replacement
    • External bins from 240 – 1000 litres
    • Flexible Collections

    Call the experts:

        As a waste producer do you know if you are compliant? Do you know how effective or if your waste disposal service represents value for money? Not sure? then talk to Principal Hygiene we can help you with advice and support ensuring you have the right services in place that delivers value for money, is compliant and meets your waste disposal needs.

    Get a Clinical quote today or call us to discuss further, if you are unsure about the type of container you should be using or you have a mixed waste stream call us, we are on hand to provide advice and support.

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